A Request for Prayer

I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis, having flare-ups of diverticulitis for the past few years. The recent two weeks have been the most excruciating to date. Usually, I will just push through and continue with all of my usual responsibilities while being in pain, but this time I had to sit down and leave room for others to help me. My husband has stepped up and taken on all of the things I usually handle here at home. He has helped me feel comfortable resting during this time.

I went to the Doctor, but they only sent me home with a few pills and said I was already doing all the right things to get better. It has been a few days since going to the Dr., and I’m still not better. This flare-up has been physically taxing and left me barely able to do much more than sleep. I have about 2 hours of energy broken out in spurts through the day.

So, I’m not going to suffer alone this time. I’m speaking out and asking for your prayers as I begin a new protocol to bring healing to my body, so I do not have to suffer from this type pain again. I am currently on a liquid diet and am starting the protocol from Listen to Your Gut and the IBD Remission Diet by Jini Patel Thompson.

The Perfecting Process

I found this note in my files from 2015. It is amazing how the word is always relevant, regardless of time.

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing(James 1:2-4)

The Lord woke me up this morning with James 1:2-4 concerning the trying of our faith. As I meditated on the scripture, I began to look further into the Word of God finding many   scriptures on endurance and patience while in trials as well as scriptures comparing our tests to a refining fire. Our trials are not for naught. There is a higher purpose which is to bring us out as pure gold, a perfected man in the image of Christ to the Glory of God. That is why we can look at our trials and find a reason to have joy because of them.

The reason trials come is not to take us out or to cause us to sin, but to test the strength of the word of God in us. They prove to us the strength of our conviction. We may confess to believing the word, but it is never really evident to us until we are tested to prove the word of God by the things we endure trusting God to perform His word. We don’t know how strong the word of God is in us until we are placed in a position to utilize that strength.

I always say life is a series of perfecting processes which bring us closer to our God intended selves. They do so by showing us where we stand when compared to the Word. This “Perfecting Process” I refer to is the same as the trying of our faith. We learn of God by receiving the word of God. We learn the truth of the word of God as the word is released into our spirit. By hearing the word released from our mouth and the mouths of those who do minister we are matured in faith, and the old sin nature is done away with. We become dead to the fleshly nature which includes mindsets, feelings, and desires.

This is where the refining fire comes into play. In our trials we find ourselves looking at all of the gunk and junk that was hidden in the heart of who we are. Those things just seem to come up to the surface. As we are purified by the word; the Lord will remove those things from the fiber of who we are. He gives us instead a word that identifies with His nature, and we become more as He created us in the beginning; in His likeness and His image. Like I said this is a series of perfecting processes. We are not tested once and made perfect. Our flesh is consistently at odds with the Spirit but as we are tried we come more and more in alignment with the perfected man, who is Christ, and God is glorified in us all.

I can tell you with certainty. Patience is critical in the perfecting process. If we can but endure the flames and the heat standing sure on the promises of the Word of God without wavering; if we will keep the word of God even when it would be easier not to; we will receive the highest gift which is the crown of life. The word says “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.”  James 1:12 (KJV). That is an especially great reason to look at trials with joy because we know the promised end!

Patiently Enduring My Trials in Faith! ~ Dawn

Just Keep Sowing

Believers are called to spread the gospel message by sowing seeds of the word of God in the garden of the lives of the people God has entrusted them to live among. The responsibility only includes passing on the truth of the word. It does not mean ensuring the truth is received. We are not to shove the seed into the ground and hover over it waiting for fruit to manifest. In other words, we are to merely speak the truth and trust God with the results of our labor.

Farmer Clip Art #38373

Based on what phase of life a person is in, the word sown may have different impacts. Some may be totally unphased, others too overwhelmed with the cares of life to receive the fullness of truth, while there may yet be those whose lives are completely changed by the word sown (Mark 1:1-34). Either way, it is no concern of the sower.

In the kingdom of God, there is one who sows, one who nurtures the seed, and only God can cause the seed to bring forth fruits (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).  The sower is called merely to scatter the seeds. They will land where they may. Do not be discouraged when you do not see fruit from your labor. Your reward will be in heaven. Just keep sowing seed.

Much Love

~Dawn L Klauman

Straight Talk

It’s good to have people in your space who support and agree with you. However, having someone who you trust to challenge your thinking is just as beneficial for your growth and maturity. Only having yes men around you stunt your growth. Allow people in your life who will push you towards greatness. ~ Dawn

Fully Equipped

If God has called to do something, He has equipped you for the task. You may not like the tools you have to use to get the job done or lack familiarity with how to use them. Once you agree to use what you have at your disposal and take the time to become proficient in the use of them, you will accomplish the task he has put before you.  You are fully equipped for the task at hand!

Gift of Faith

Faith is a oneness with what you know to be true according to that which has been awakened in your spirit according to the Word and Spirit of God. It is not a mental ascension. Nor can it be gained by self-will. It is a gift of God. ~ Dawn Klauman

As Yourself

The Bible teaches to love your neighbor as yourself. Many take that and say, you can’t love others until you love yourself and spend their entire lives trying to attain a perfect self-love relationship never coming to the point of being able to focus their hearts towards others. They erroneously believe they must develop a perfected self-love before being ready to pass it on. The solution is in valuing your neighbor as much as yourself rather than being so self-absorbed you don’t take the time to notice the needs of others. I’ve found that although my level of self-love may not be perfect; when I at least give according to the level I have attained that which I do have it is made even more mature. Since we are all in a manner of speaking, ONE, showing love towards my neighbor is in a sense loving myself. ~ Dawn

gσ∂’ѕ gσт уσυ

Although we’ve got grand visions and goals we are striving to manifest it is sometimes necessary to slowdown breathe quietly remembering today is really all we have. Take it one day at a time trusting God has got it all in his hand. If you continue in him you will get to that desired end. #No need to bedazzled #Godhasgotyou