Just Keep Sowing

Believers are called to spread the gospel message by sowing seeds of the word of God in the garden of the lives of the people God has entrusted them to live among. The responsibility only includes passing on the truth of the word. It does not mean ensuring the truth is received. We are not to shove the seed into the ground and hover over it waiting for fruit to manifest. In other words, we are to merely speak the truth and trust God with the results of our labor.

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Based on what phase of life a person is in, the word sown may have different impacts. Some may be totally unphased, others too overwhelmed with the cares of life to receive the fullness of truth, while there may yet be those whose lives are completely changed by the word sown (Mark 1:1-34). Either way, it is no concern of the sower.

In the kingdom of God, there is one who sows, one who nurtures the seed, and only God can cause the seed to bring forth fruits (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).  The sower is called merely to scatter the seeds. They will land where they may. Do not be discouraged when you do not see fruit from your labor. Your reward will be in heaven. Just keep sowing seed.

Much Love

~Dawn L Klauman


Straight Talk

It’s good to have people in your space who support and agree with you. However, having someone who you trust to challenge your thinking is just as beneficial for your growth and maturity. Only having yes men around you stunt your growth. Allow people in your life who will push you towards greatness. ~ Dawn

Fully Equipped

If God has called to do something, He has equipped you for the task. You may not like the tools you have to use to get the job done or lack familiarity with how to use them. Once you agree to use what you have at your disposal and take the time to become proficient in the use of them, you will accomplish the task he has put before you.  You are fully equipped for the task at hand!

Gift of Faith

Faith is a oneness with what you know to be true according to that which has been awakened in your spirit according to the Word and Spirit of God. It is not a mental ascension. Nor can it be gained by self-will. It is a gift of God. ~ Dawn Klauman

As Yourself

The Bible teaches to love your neighbor as yourself. Many take that and say, you can’t love others until you love yourself and spend their entire lives trying to attain a perfect self-love relationship never coming to the point of being able to focus their hearts towards others. They erroneously believe they must develop a perfected self-love before being ready to pass it on. The solution is in valuing your neighbor as much as yourself rather than being so self-absorbed you don’t take the time to notice the needs of others. I’ve found that although my level of self-love may not be perfect; when I at least give according to the level I have attained that which I do have it is made even more mature. Since we are all in a manner of speaking, ONE, showing love towards my neighbor is in a sense loving myself. ~ Dawn

gσ∂’ѕ gσт уσυ

Although we’ve got grand visions and goals we are striving to manifest it is sometimes necessary to slowdown breathe quietly remembering today is really all we have. Take it one day at a time trusting God has got it all in his hand. If you continue in him you will get to that desired end. #No need to bedazzled #Godhasgotyou

If you see a need…

What should you do when they see a need? My parents instilled in me the mindset of being proactive about taking care of things that need to be done. Its applications are seen in examples like not walking by the trash on the floor, opening the door for someone who has their hands full,  giving a little cash to the guy on the corner with the sign, or providing a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on for the emotionally distraught. The motivation for this behavior comes, not out of obligation, but from an understanding that we are all one. Assisting one person helps humanity as a whole by both the benefits of the action and the example shown. Why then, do so few people operate in like manner? I think it is because society has lost focus from the ‘collective-we’; we have forgotten how to be neighbors.

Many people believe themselves to be part of the ‘collective-we’ because of their being part of the larger society based on their extensive social media network, having ties to a sorority or social club, or even joining a local church congregation, but these platforms severely distort the idea of being a neighbor. They blind people from seeing the needs of those around them by providing a false sense of community. In substitute for compassionate actions, one need only click the crying emoji to get the feeling have had compassion. That three-second emotional fix gained by clicking the emoji is quickly replaced by laughter at the next item in the scroll, and so it goes as we the cycle creates in us a numbness to reality. That numbness allows one to observe a need without being touched enough to address it; she has become blind the true ‘colletive-we.’ That blindness separates one person from the other in a manner that we no longer exists. It creates a mentality that says – there is only me and mine and if anyone wants access to it they must ask, and I will determine if their need is worth my attention; if it should be my problem to solve. This mindset is contrary to the ‘collective-we’ i.e. the Biblical example of being neighborly.

The Bible has many guidelines for how society should function inter-relationally as a ‘collective-we,’ and Jesus specifically addresses the idea of the ‘collective-we’ in the parable of The Good Samaritan. This parable speaks to the truth of who should be considered a neighbor by showing how different people react to seeing a man in need. It tells of two people, a Priest and Levite – both holy men, who were too focused on their travels to stop and give aid to a wounded man along the roadside who was obviously in need of assistance. It goes further to tell of another man, a Samaritan – considered unholy by society, who saw the same man in need and had compassion enough to pause from his travels long enough to see that the man in need was cared for. He didn’t just throw money at the situation; he went as far as to take full responsibility or the care of the wounded man by offering to come back through and take care of any expense accumulated in caring for that wounded man.

What should one do when they see a need? Go back to those values taught by my parents and preached by Jesus himself. Take action to meet the needs of your neighbor. Begin to cure society of numbness and blindness to need by providing stimulation and light through example in action. If you see a need, do something to meet it!

Be Encouraged

Be encouraged:
God wants the best for you. He wants you to live a life that is full abundant and overflowing. He wants you to be the best you in every situation or circumstance, in every area of your life. He has even provided for you the way, ability, and strength to be so. Trust in the leading, guiding, and direction of His Spirit in your life. Even when you don’t understand how; He knows the end result before you begin.