The Perfecting Process

We don’t know how strong the word of God is in us until we are placed in a position to utilize that strength.


Straight Talk

It’s good to have people in your space who support and agree with you. However, having someone who you trust to challenge your thinking is just as beneficial for your growth and maturity. Only having yes men around you stunt your growth. Allow people in your life who will push you towards greatness. ~ Dawn

Emotional Rollercoaster 

Sometimes we seem to be going on this non-stop terrifying-emotionally-draining roller-coaster; our emotions get the best of us and we just don’t have control. I say JUST GET OFF! Guard your heart and mind from those things which would send you flying off the handle. Maintain control of your atmosphere. 

Fully Equipped

If God has called to do something, He has equipped you for the task. You may not like the tools you have to use to get the job done or lack familiarity with how to use them. Once you agree to use what you have at your disposal and take the time to become proficient…Read more »

Gift of Faith

Faith is a oneness with what you know to be true according to that which has been awakened in your spirit according to the Word and Spirit of God. It is not a mental ascension. Nor can it be gained by self-will. It is a gift of God. ~ Dawn Klauman

Overcoming Power

Don’t allow negative situations to silence your testimony. Rather, view them as a platform catapulting you to the next level of faith and fortifying your witness with strength which can only be gained by experiencing the Power of God necessary to overcome them. In Love – Dawn