Allow yourself to Receive

Let go and Let God be God in your situation. He knows, cares, and sees; He’s right there waiting for you to trust and believe in His ability to come through for you. Just call upon Him and He will answer. Open yourself up to receive comfort in knowing Him as the Shepherd, who cares […]


Don’t keep standing in the same spot expecting to get a better view on life. To see from a different perspective, you’ve got to reposition yourself. Change your position to “in Christ” so that you will see from the proper perspective and have a clear vision. Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed Much […]

Relax and Release

During my first swimming lesson the instructor and I talked about how it is often difficult to let go allowing the water to do its job; how the water can support you if you only relax and release your control over to it. Of course, that resonated in my spirit because the Lord has been […]