Passion is…

Passion is not just an intense emotion about something. It is a drive which causes you to do something about what you are emotional. If you are not acting on what you say you are passionate about, then maybe you are just not as passionate as you have been telling yourself. Don’t just speak about…Read more »


When what you have doesn’t seem to satisfy your desire; it may be time to learn contentment. Understand whatever you have is a blessing from the Lord. He has strengthened you through Christ to be able to walk through the lean times just as well as times of abundance. Remember to praise Father God in…Read more »

Work Your Faith

Let’s make the greatest investment towards changing our situations and lives by backing our words up with action. Only then will we see a return on the things we’ve been believing and the words we’ve been releasing. Faith without works is dead. Don’t let your promised fruit die on the vine because you were too…Read more »