I have challenged myself to expand my vocabulary by studying the words on the GRE list. To accomplish this goal I enlisted the help from the  GRE Vocabulary app by The Economist. Today was the first day opening the application and the first word on this list is Jocularity which is a noun defined as “the state or quality of being fond of or characterized by joking. Its synonyms are playfulness and humorousness. I am rarely able to ignore the rabbit trails that arise in my mind and my thoughts tend to travel down the paths they take me. 

Today was no exception. As I tried to assimilate the new word into my thoughts I began to think about the concept of joy in the Christian life considering it is important enough to be our source of strength when anchored in the Lord. I immediately began to ponder this from many different angels as question after question arose in my mind. What does this joy of the lord look like? How should it be reflected in one’s life? Should professing Christians necessarily be jovial, jolly, or playful, or have a good sense of humor? This is the impression one gets when listing to preachers who proclaim God desires all have lives of health, wealth, and prosperity. I tend to lean away from this understanding overall, but I want to extend an opportunity for all of my fellow believers to give voice to this topic. 

Answer me this: How important is joy in the life of a believer, and how is the expression of it typically characterized?

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  1. Not how I would like to answer, because I do get Joy out of knowing that because of Christ I am afforded the opportunity to have Joy in knowing who I am and not standing on anyone else. Since most of my life I allowed myself to be controlled by what others thought of me and didn’t have the confidence to process my own Soul and after Coming back from 3 heart attacks and 2 abusive marriages . I do believe I am to have Joy and it’s my belief in the Church Building and outside of the Church Building that I have Joy and I smile as I type this because I do have Joy and I laugh out loud all the time and I am Silly and laugh at things that Christians say you don’t laugh at. Joy is something that I enjoy being with laughter for so long and now that I have been relieved of the obstacle that I allowed to steal my Joy, I have great joy and I am proud to be a person that loves God and believe it is my Faith in Him and what He did in JESUS that affords me this laughter. This may not have answered your question. It might not even be what you asked. But I spoke which is what I don’t do enough of.❤️

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I can appreciate the fact that you have overcome such difficulties and are now at a place in life where you can laugh and be jubilant after finding the strength to move forward in Christ.


  2. Thank you Pamela for sharing ….The Devil.People and circumstances have tried to steal my Joy and some you even know about THE STRUGGLE IS REAL but the Lord is my strength and my JOY. Since I loss Charles I have tried to find peace and joy in other men but to know avail. I attend Church regularly thinking hearing the work would somewhat reveal the answer but come to find out that JOY is within ME. I’m doing well my friend and I see life is treating you well I thank you for coming in my life and I know God will continue to bless us both….Your friend MARY💙💛💜💚❤

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  3. Joy is a precious gift that is from God. When we realize that it works from the inside out, then believers will understand that things has nothing to do with joy. BUT the love of our Savior.


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