Is Self-Help Christian?

After going through these three years of study and reading the scripture, I have decided to purge my library of the Christian-self-help books acquired over the years. Many think the point of scripture is to aid us in being the best version of ourselves or attain great success by accessing God’s blessings. This twisted understanding has allowed for a very profitable industry of Bible-based self-helps. Because of this, the church has unwittingly become imitators of the world rather than reflections of God (See Ephesians 5:1).

The entirety of scripture attests to the fact that humanity has got it wrong in asserting its independence from God – trying to be as god’s – rather than recognizing its deprave state and turning to him. No right teacher of scripture would teach people to turn inward for their own sufficiency. They would teach them to seek God through his word and rely on his spirit so that their lives can be transformed into what they behold therein.

The word of God is the first-essential source of truth for every believer. It is holy because it is the revelation of God’s heart to redeem all of mankind to himself. There is no other source of truth containing the power to transform hearts and change minds towards the purpose of God.

After going through these three years of study and reading the scripture, I understand my good is never seen as “good” in the eyes of God. Only God is good. Therefore,  I do not want to be the best version of myself or live my best life. I want to have the heart of God and to reflect his goodness. This is attained through the revelation of Jesus as the propitiation for my sin, which has, through his shed blood, made me presentable to the most-holy God. Only through Christ can my life be changed, and I live as God has ordained.  I encourage you to read Ephesians 4:17 – 6:20, which expounds on what the God-centered life looks like. Hint – it has nothing to do with the self-help success-based message taught in the Christian community.

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  1. Dawn this is so true. People are more inclined to such through man’s thoughts instead of searching God’s word. Well written Dawn.


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