A few months ago I interviewed my pastor for one of my final courses towards my undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies. As we walked to the door exiting his office, he asked me, “well, what have you learned”. This for me was not a question I could address at the end of a conversation.  I could not, at that moment, articulate the many things flowing through my disorganized thoughts, so I politely gave my goodbyes without addressing the question. My non-response was not intentional, but an automated reaction we introverts sometimes take when our minds are fiercely occupied in thought. I have mulled over this question as I progressed through the final three courses of my degree, and as I round the final stretch of my last class I find myself finally able to put words to the thoughts which have arranged themselves in my mind.

The answer to the question is multi-faceted and would take more than one conversation to address, but I will begin by ending this conversation with the simple statement ‘I learned that God is’. Maybe we can meet here next week to discuss further.

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