Given all of the recent tragedies in our communities and throughout the world, we find ourselves asking, what can be done to make things better. In doing so, we have come up with various methods for solving the problems of senseless violence, racial divisions, social inequality and so many other topics that serve to throw humanity off balance.

Many consider legislative changes to tighten the reigns of people’s moral ambiguity. Others on the opposite side of the scale want to take matters into their own hands in order to affect change. Governments declare war in attempts to bring peace. People scratch each other while trying to claim their identity. Neither option will make much of a difference in the long term because morality cannot be legislated, and vigilante justice only brings about more heartache and belittling another person only lessons one’s own value.

After all of our efforts, we find the climate of violence, injustice, unrest, and sense of not belonging only heightening. Nothing done has been able to mitigate the symptoms long term. We are left searching our repositories of understanding for solutions to bring about effective long-term change. Therein, lies the problem with our methods.

There are no physical methods that can replace the spiritual solutions needed to resolve the chaos in which we find ourselves emersed.

There are no physical methods that can replace the spiritual solutions needed to resolve the chaos in which we find ourselves emersed. All attempts by our own understanding fall short of providing lasting change. People can assert their wills for change only for a limited time, unless and until that change is on the spiritual level, it will not take hold and become permanent. Just look at the example of a person who needs to lose weight and has not yet taken that trough on at the core of their being. Such a person will be on yo-yo diets, in and out of practice, giving themselves excuses as to why they cannot maintain the commitment to do what must be done. Their mind, will, and emotions (soul), as well as their bodies, cannot fully commit until they spirit man has also grabbed hold of the identity of being a healthy person. At that point, the person can and will align their soul and body to the task of becoming that which the spirit has identified, through whatever means necessary. This can be applied to our world.

Until the citizens of our communities, cities, and nations become aware of their God-Identity and the loving justice required to live as His representatives, the violence and tragic circumstances will persist. The attempts at bringing peace without the core understanding of what peace looks like as a representative of God will continue to fall short. As long as there is a lack of love for the other and a lack of true justice there will be room for injustice and hatred to reign. Developing an understanding of the responsibility of those who represent God to bring about change through compassion and justice will remove the excuses for apathy and catapult us into action to be the change. We have a moral imperative to provide the spiritual solutions for the lost and dying world.

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