Community Is Necessary

The necessity of community has been on my mind and the topic of conversations for the past couple weeks. Despite all the technological advancements gauged at connecting us, our society has become increasingly isolated. The sense of needing to be independent of community pervades every area of life.

I was confronted with my independent spirit after having severed two tendons in my primary hand rendering me completely dependant on others to meet my most basic needs. I had to take incompletes in my college courses, and will most likely have to sit out the next semester, being that my recovery period is estimated at 12 weeks. My family is running the household and I struggle to get through a full day while trying to back off of pain medications so I can think clearly.

I was never one to ask for help, even when I needed it. Partially because I feared no one would help, and partially because I wanted to appear to have my stuff together. Life is teaching me to ask for and be accepting of assistance from the community of people God has placed around me; that my vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather an opportunity for others to step up and do their part.

(FYI – It took way too long to write this post)


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