I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis, having flare-ups of diverticulitis for the past few years. The recent two weeks have been the most excruciating to date. Usually, I will just push through and continue with all of my usual responsibilities while being in pain, but this time I had to sit down and leave room for others to help me. My husband has stepped up and taken on all of the things I usually handle here at home. He has helped me feel comfortable resting during this time.

I went to the Doctor, but they only sent me home with a few pills and said I was already doing all the right things to get better. It has been a few days since going to the Dr., and I’m still not better. This flare-up has been physically taxing and left me barely able to do much more than sleep. I have about 2 hours of energy broken out in spurts through the day.

So, I’m not going to suffer alone this time. I’m speaking out and asking for your prayers as I begin a new protocol to bring healing to my body, so I do not have to suffer from this type pain again. I am currently on a liquid diet and am starting the protocol from Listen to Your Gut and the IBD Remission Diet by Jini Patel Thompson.


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