As Yourself

The Bible teaches to love your neighbor as yourself. Many take that and say, you can’t love others until you love yourself and spend their entire lives trying to attain a perfect self-love relationship never coming to the point of being able to focus their hearts towards others. They erroneously believe they must develop a perfected self-love before being ready to pass it on. The solution is in valuing your neighbor as much as yourself rather than being so self-absorbed you don’t take the time to notice the needs of others. I’ve found that although my level of self-love may not be perfect; when I at least give according to the level I have attained that which I do have it is made even more mature. Since we are all in a manner of speaking, ONE, showing love towards my neighbor is in a sense loving myself. ~ Dawn

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Wife - Mom - Writer - Creative - ... Discovering the connection between the spirit, soul, and body in order to become one's greatest expression of God impacting self self, Family, and Community for the better.

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