Accounting for the wind

We often find our sense of purpose, our value and worth our happiness in what we feel we’ve accomplished for the Kingdom of God. It is human nature to keep score, but in doing so we sort of are “counting the wind”. We take a since of pride in having done something for God and we push our chest out a little further believing we’ve added to our heavenly account. The movement of the wind (Movement of Holy Spirit in the earth) cannot be credited to an individual or certain group of people. It is solely under the charge of God Himself. We have no right to try to add that to our account. We can take no credit for what God has done.

We can participate with the wind by not resisting His movement allowing ourselves to go along with His current. We can even benefit from the atmospheric changes brought about with His movement. We can and must and celebrate Him for that which He leaves behind as He moves through our lives. But we most definitely cannot count the wind. Only God can get the Glory for what He has accomplished in the earth; it is His work alone.

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