My Sunday school class is utilizing Chip Ingram’s R12 True Spirituality study materials to learn to become an “all in” Christian. The topic we covered in this week’s session discusses how to let go of the worldly values to avail oneself of God’s way of being. At the end of the session we have the challenge to commit to a media fast to help facilitate that process. I have determined to take the next five days Monday – Friday, to do just that. The time I would have spent using social media or watching TV will be spent in prayer or reading the Bible or other spiritually enriching materials. I will share the results of the fast with you on Saturday. I would love if you would join me, and comment with your results.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed!!

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  1. As of today. I join you on the fast. I will jot down what the Holy Spirit reveals to me if there is a reveal. Janice


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