What is Driving you?

There is a concept of being driven wherein you are motivated by an internal force to use any and all necessary action to attain your desired goals. This kind of motivation is usually a good thing, but I have had to ask myself if being a driven person could be a bad thing.

Over the past several months Holy Spirit has been asking me “what is driving you?”

I have been one such driven person for most of my life; always pushing to attain the next level of success. Over the past several months Holy Spirit has been asking me “what is driving you?”. I have not slowed down long enough to answer the question. I only made a note of it and kept being propelled towards the goal I’d set fo myself. Within the last week, I had the thing I wanted within sight and had to make a decision whether to keep pushing to make things happen. It was at that moment I was again reminded of the question Holy Spirit has been asking me, “What is driving you?”. I have been so immersed in the process of attaining my goal that I’d not even consulted Holy Spirit as to whether that was the path he had for me. I was taking the world’s path to success rather than seeking out the best that God has for me. When I finally slowed down enough to have a conversation with God and be real with myself, I had to take a different course of action than what I’d been pushing so hard for over the past several months. Initially, my pride hurt for not taking the more socially accepted course of action towards attaining success.

However, once I took a few days to settle into the truth of what taking that path would have meant, I understood why God had a different direction for me. This was an opportunity to learn to be guided by Holy Spirit rather than driven by my desires and expectations. My prayer is that my desires align with His and that I have peace in whatever direction he takes me from here.

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  1. AMEN-I just walked through a STORM, thinking I walked and silenced the STORM. When I stopped to rest in the STORM, there God was drying the tears from my cheeks from the rough rain that fell during HIS storm. I was driving myself toward a perfect STORM, when I realized it is only peace when you allow God to shelter you through it. Thanks for this word. You are precious and anointed. Love you


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