Relax and Release

During my first swimming lesson the instructor and I talked about how it is often difficult to let go allowing the water to do its job; how the water can support you if you only relax and release your control over to it. Of course, that resonated in my spirit because the Lord has been talking to me over the past year about flowing with the water of the Spirit of God without fear; allowing Him to lead and direct my life as I release the control I thought I had into His hands. This has been a difficult lesson for me to learn because I’ve always been a bit self-reliant. Thankfully the Lord has patiently processed me through so that now I’m more readily willing to turn over control to the Holy Spirit allowing myself to flow into the river of His movement in my life.

Only when we relax our hold and release our care into the capable hands of the Lord will we truly be positioned to be used by God and attain all that He has for our lives

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed

Much Love, Dawn

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