Guarded by what You Say

Proverbs 15:4 states “A healed tongue is a tree of life, and perverseness in it–a breach in the spirit.” – YLT

Did you know that when you don’t keep your words in alignment with the word of God it is like opening the door to the enemy giving full access to your spirit for an attack on your mind and emotions which affect your desire to see the will of God manifested in your life? This is the road to spiritual death rather than life. Allow your words to be healed by the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus. Begin to speak according to the Word of God and you close off access to the enemy; you will bring healing, wholeness, and life to your soul. Your spirit man will be full of life – guarded against every onslaught of the enemy.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed

Much Love, Dawn


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