Necessity of Constancy

I’m learning as I consistently choose to do the right thing I will begin to develop better habits which will eventually become my lifestyle – my new normal. I can’t focus on the big picture every day in every moment, or I will be discouraged. I’ve got to learn that even though I have the picture I’ve got to be able to appreciate all of the little pieces which make up the puzzle of my life. This way I can have the courage to face these changes without being overwhelmed. What I get out of this life will be based on the decisions I make. If I want to change my life I’ve only got to have enough courage to make the right decision as each opportunity presents itself. That inevitably takes all the pressure off when making sweeping changes. It’s like they say “you eat a cow one bite at a time.” I say developing a new normal is done one decision at a time.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed

Much Love, Dawn

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