An Observation

I have noticed as circumstances are becoming increasing uncomfortable for Christians throughout the world, with a literal genocide occurring in parts of the world where our voices are squashed via execution, more and more of my freedom-of-worship-and-speech  having American “Christians” are intentionally placing their voices on mute. I’ve seen people intentionally  place space between themselves and their so-called faith out of fear of the direction our government might take in retaliation for their standing on the name Jesus when approaching God. I am unsure of how to respond to this right now because I am finding this stance or lack thereof very difficult to understand.

Persecution comes with the territory, and we in America, for the most part, have been blessed to not have  experienced the level of atrocity our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering. Could we not at least stand so that their sacrifices are not in vain? And if persecution were to come to America in the manner it is around the world, how can they expect to find ultimate peace in God by rejecting Jesus – the door, the path, the way to God the Father?

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