Love for Humanity

I am confused by the fact segmentation still exist within the Church. Those who truly believe in Jesus as the Christ should not be able to hold to the archaic systems that have caused divisions among mankind for centuries. The Bible clearly states that God sent his son on behalf of the entirety of mankind, not for a specific religious sect, racial division, gender, or social-economic class. But for some reason these divisions still exist and are used within the so called “body of Christ” ; among those who call themselves believers, as ways to claim monopoly on the one true living God.

God is not so small as to be confined by our petty differences!

God’s love is all encompassing. He desires all mankind to be in fellowship with Him. He does not limit his love, but offers it freely to all who will partake of it. So then, what is our job as those who have believe and freely received of that love? Does it become our duty to then place condemnation upon the heads of those who have not yet been enlightened? NO!!! Our job is not to judge others, but to emulate the love of God with whom we have now come into fellowship.

The law that binds us to the sin nature already judges mankind. We have been shown a better way that binds us to the righteousness of God in Christ. Only by the grace of God and the leading of his Spirit have we been enabled to walk upright in obedience to the Word of God, and when we fall we know that we have a comforter to assist us in learning the way we should go. Shouldn’t we present this same message to others rather than sitting in judgment of where they are?

Jesus summarized the whole Law and Prophets into two phrases: Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. I think it is time to live according to those statements in order to truly represent the true and living God. God’s has a great love for all of humanity. Let us show forth that kind of love.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed

Much Love ~ Dawn

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