Unwavering Love

This was a mental aside after writing the previous post in  2013. Love has always been on my mind and in my spirit. To live in the fullness of God’s plan of loving Him and loving others is what I’d consider utopia.

I’ve really have come to understand the Love of God to be something that is secure and unwavering. Even while riding the tumultuous waves of emotion, heartache, and disappointment life has thrown my way somehow God has been that constant strength and stability to see me through to place of secure footing. He has been patient with me as I struggled to find my way or to be confident in the fact his being there with me was all I needed. He understood my shortcomings and allowed opportunity for growth and maturity not judging me as less than, but seeing my potential and helping me to see and believe in what He place in me as well. Only Godly love can be that patient and kind. I pray I am the same with my children. 

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