Unrequited Love

I know I was supposed to begin a series concerning love based on the scripture found in the book of Corinthians, but I’ve not really been able to receive anything to write yet. My understanding is still being worked on concerning love.  I’m asking Holy Spirit to reveal truth to me on a deeper level of meaning and understanding for my own life. Hurt can do a number on a heart that loves strongly and sacrificially and receiving the truth of God’s intent concerning love can be a difficult thing. In that vein I’ve pulled up a writing from my Facebook Notes in 2013.

It is difficult to love without expectation of reciprocation, but in most instances that is exactly how we must be able to give love. Love is not an investment, rather it is a gift freely given with no expectation of return. There are some people who do not have the capacity to receive, much less give back that which is sown into them through love. When you give into a person in that position with expectation of return it seems as if your heart is at a continual deficit. It is like pouring  your treasure into a bottomless pit expecting to one day come find what you have placed in the ground.

These treasures given, this love, must be done so out of a God kind of heart with an understanding it is an investment for their benefit, not your own. In fact, you may never see any sign of glimmering from those precious treasures sown, but it is for God’s glory. He knows what you’ve sown and he will not allow your labor to go unrewarded. He will repay.

When love is unrequited by man it is most beneficial to look to God. He will see to your heart rewarding you with a love and peace which cannot be surpassed

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  1. Love this Dawn. God will plant seeds in life and we must continue to use His word to water the garden. Love you auntie


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