Encourage Growth Through Engagement

These thoughts were swirling around in my mind and spirit for the past couple days. So, I decided to share. Please share your insights on the subject with me.

Most non-denominational ministries are formed by a group of good intentioned people with a common goal to achieve a great purpose for God. In those groups the Pastor serves as the person of influence around whom the ministry thrives. Rather than working as a team by receiving input from those involved in the ministry to assist in planning, they mobilize the people by using their sphere of influence, clarifying the vision, and providing a plan by which to accomplish the vision. This creates issues around ownership and accountability for both the leadership and the members of the ministry.

These ministries usually grow at execrated growth for which the leadership’s persona can be accredited, and which they tend to make sure the people understand.  This works in the beginning. However, many times these ministries cannot maintain the pace of growth or retain its membership because its members usually want a higher level of engagement. These members tend to loose heart,  stop engaging, or even leave the ministry all together. The Pastor’s level of influence hasn’t decreased so there is a continual influx of membership, but the people leave at almost the same rate of growth. The ministry never really grows, and the purpose for which the initial group came together is not accomplished.

I think in order for these ministries to get past this cycle the leadership/pastor/person of influence and authority must to learn to share both in their victories and defeats so that those with whom they are working will buy in to the point of personal accountability regarding the shared goals. The people have to be able to engage at all levels from planning to executing to sharing in the victory. This will assist the ministry in retaining growth and accomplishing the purpose for which the ministry was formed.

Be Strengthened * Be Encouraged * Be Blessed

Much Love, Dawn

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