Moral Legislation

Several years ago I heard a Pastor make a statement to the effect that you cannot legislate morality. He was referring to the abortion issue, but the statement rang much deeper within my mind and has settled as a much broader truth in my heart. Even as I sat pondering the thought of it in preparation for how to present the truth of it in this blog it came to mind that God himself laid down a moral law for man to follow in the Old Testament, but at the end of the day he provided a more powerful, more complete way of grace by faith through Christ.

I’m not sure what happens but somewhere between our child-like encounter with the Grace of God and our coming into a place of maturity in the faith we loose hold of the simplicity found knowing the loving God of grace. We grab on to the old way of the law and find it necessary to identify those who have not come into alignment with the law found in the Old Testament and persist to punish them through natural law in order to somehow force them into compliance.

Moral Legislation didn’t work the first time, and it won’t work now.

The answer is not moral legislation because our human nature is hardwired to rebel against any forcibly placed limitations set up against our will. Moral legislation didn’t work the first time, and it won’t work now. The answer is simply to show the love of God and present his Grace found in Christ which brings salvation to the world, and pray trusting God’s kingdom to be present, and his will to manifest in the earth regardless of what standards the world has set to live by.

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