A Call to Order

October 17, 2013 at 5:06am

The book of Genesis begins ” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. In it’s initial existence the earth was an confused lump of clay surrounded by water with no designated boundaries or order set forth. It was maintained only by the sheer fact God created it to be. There was an emptiness in this state of existence. Neither had light been given to shine meaning on the deeper things. But something powerful happened when the Spirit of God was introduced on the scene. He began to hover over the thing which was created and the Lord God Himself begin to speak purpose into it. He called the earth into order by designating time and seasons, setting boundaries of operation, giving each component of his creation a purpose and function, and setting levels of authority. He placed within this new creation everything needed to function and exist for the purpose He’d created it.

This story of creation is parallel to that of a man without God. Without God we are that lump of confused clay, but with Him we become a beautifully wonderful creation that gives Him glory just by being what He called us to be. Many find themselves merely existing without any set boundaries or sense of purpose, void of purpose, and without being enlightened as to the greater purpose God has created them for. When a man allows the Spirit of God into his life. God will speak words so profound that they bring that sense of purpose and cause his entire being to come into alignment with the purpose and plans God has created for him to live in. When that man chooses to live according to the order set forth by God he will see that everything he needs to be successful is already provided within the confines of the system God has laid out for him to exist within. He will know what the times and seasons are for his life, the operational boundaries for the purpose and functions God has given him, and know how to operate on the level of authority God has given him.

This is a call to order. We’ve been created by God for a specific plan and purpose. It is time to get within our proper position and function as God has designed us. This is how we become that strong man God intends.

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