God’s no

What if God’s no actually means no. We’ve been told when God closes one door another one opens, and if God removes one thing for your life He is just setting you up for something better; like a better house or car or man or job than the one you are seeking after. What if He was really saying no because He knows that what you were asking for isn’t right for your life. What if he doesn’t have an alternative provision of the same kind. What if He wants you to be content where you are with what you have.

What if God’s no actually means no.
For the woman who is waiting on her husband, chain dating Mr. Wrong while hoping Mr. Right will be the next one to come into her life. What if the no God is giving her means she should learn to be content with herself. That maybe she will never be espoused to another, and that she should focus on the benefits gained by being a single woman in God and fully live and enjoy life with the freedom she has therein.
For the couple trying to move into that mini-mansion they’ve always dreamed of who doesn’t qualify for the traditional mortgage loan with their dream house they’ve prayed for and declared over. What if the no in that situation means they should be content where they are and use their finances to stabilize themselves for the future.
For the person seeking after the dream career or job that will bring them ultimate fame and success pushing through and knocking down doors at all cost. What if the no her or she is getting means that person should learn how to enjoy the life they have pulling on the greatness around them by building on their family and friendship network. It may be time to settle themself long enough to celebrate what they do have. That life is too short to spend it toiling away after something that, for you, once achieved will not bring real contentment.
Many refuse to accept the no and continue to seek after the thing they desire at all cost because of the lies we’ve been taught to believe.
We’ve been taught God will not say no. That His no really means not right now or wait for a better model. Because of these misconceptions many end up disillusioned in the faith and disappointed in God because those things when they are forcibly obtained usually are at great cost causing much sorrow.
So, what if God’s no really does mean no. Maybe we should learn to accept God’s no, and rather than being mad at God or loosing our faith we should look around at all of the wonderful ways he has already said yes. We have much to be thankful for.

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