Navigating Deeper Waters 

August 1, 2011 at 3:54 am

The Spirit of God is launching us out into deeper waters of himself. He is propelling us into depths of the Spirit where we will no longer be able to navigate according to our own abilities, but we will have to trust in the movement of the current of the Holy Spirit. Our own methods and efforts will only hinder us in this place. We cannot go back to those methods. We must totally yield to the Spirit of God, move with the flow of the Holy Spirit and trust  Him. This is how we will begin to consistently see and walk in the manifest presence of God in our lives seeing and experiencing the flow of the Spirit of God in every place we find ourselves.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed! ~ Dawn

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Wife - Mom - Writer - Creative - ... Discovering the connection between the spirit, soul, and body in order to become one's greatest expression of God impacting self self, Family, and Community for the better.

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