In His Image

June 5, 2011 at 4:40 am

The Lord speaks to me through the things I experience daily, and yesterday was no exception. I began work on bring to life an old dresser found discarded on the side of the road. I just could not pass it up, something about it was just beautiful to me even with the dirt, missing drawer bottom, sticky stuff on top I saw its potential so I shoved it in the back of my vehicle and put it in the shed until time to work on it. That time came yesterday morning. I pulled it out of the shed, vacuumed it out, cleaned it up, sanded all of the old varnish off, wiped it down again, filled any holes, stabilized the shaky parts, replaced missing parts, sanded down the hole filler, and placed two coats of primer all before I can begin painting it to look like I saw it in the beginning. Isn’t that just like the processes God allows in our lives in order to position us to be as He created us from the beginning; for the beauty of His Glory so that we appear as He has seen us; in His image.

People in our lives have often times given up on us and thrown us to the wayside, but God sees the beauty in us; the foundation of being made in His likeness and image. He removes those layers of self-protection,  wipes away the dirt and grime accumulated over the years of walking in unclean places, He replaces those things in our hearts  which have been broken, stabilizes those things in our foundation which have been knocked off track, and fills in the holes where were are lacking in understanding.  He then covers us so that we are no longer seen according to the flesh, but by the blood of Jesus we are made righteous. We are made ready to be as He has seen us; In His Image!

There is so much to be said in this process concerning,God’s timing, The importance and necessity of trials, patience, trust in and surrender to God, but that will have to be another day. Be blessed! – Dawn

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