This post was from October 10, 2011 and I find myself being encouraged by its words today having moved from my old place of worship with my family and not yet being in a position to engage in much activity. Since I was encouraged by it this morning I decided to share

One of my hobbies is to take an old discarded piece of furniture strip it down to it’s bare skin and transform it into something beautiful. Until today I’d never thought of what the stripping process must feel like. It is not a good feeling to be so open and exposed. I feel as though I’m going through a sort of stripping process. All of the external adornments I’d used to justify myself as a “good Christian” have been removed from my life. I don’t work so I really don’t have as fluid an income stream to give as freely as I once did. I don’t have very much time with raising children, running an household, being mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter, chef, driver, tutor, mentor, maid, and the list goes on of things which utilize the time I used to be able to give to volunteer and be on of those “go-to/do-it” type people.

I took pride in my ability to give and in the work I did on behalf of the church. Now those things have been stripped and I’m down to me and the Lord. I’ve got no extra adornment, no layers of beautification, to be presented before the King. All I have is my heart full of passion and compassion for Him. And you know… I’m learning that is all I really need. It is awkward and uncomfortable at times because I’d become accustomed to having all of the extra layers of paint and and the scars to validate my acceptance into His presence. But now I’m I know He never required all of that anyway. My love for Him is all He requires.

I always love to see a piece of furniture in it’s natural state because it is then I can see the real beauty and am drawn to pull out what is already there rather than tacky it up with excessive adornment. I suppose that is the point of the stripping I’m being taken through right now. With that in mind it all seems worth it.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed!

Much Love ~ Dawn

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