There is none perfect besides God. With that being the fact, we must understand and accept that we are going to make mistakes as we walk out our Christian beliefs. How we respond to those mistakes can determine whether this will be a joyful or miserable journey. 

Oftentimes we become trapped in a cycle of guilt and condemnation when we don’t measure up to the expectations set forth in the Word of God or even those in our own mind concerning how we should or shouldn’t carry ourselves as Christians. That is a dangerous trap that will hinder our joy and if left unchecked can cause depression or oppression in the life of a believer. Many even walk away from the faith because they feel they can’t measure up. 

God never intended for us to carry the burden of condemnation. The word says to cast our care upon him, and allow him to care for us. When we find ourselves in a place of having not measured up we should take it to God in prayer. Repent and trust that He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and by His Spirit teach us how to live righteously. He is a merciful God who offers unto us new grace every morning. We are continually given do-overs. Isn’t that great! 

Now, that doesn’t mean that we should purposefully sin and just ask for forgiveness later. It does mean that when we fall into sin He like the father of the prodigal son is waiting with open arms for us to rerun to Him. He really just wants to reestablish us in our proper place as his children. He wants us to continue forward in our walk with Him.

Every mistake is an opportunity for growth by fire. We learn at each place of stumbling which steps not to take. We can’t allow the mistakes we most definitely will made hinder our walk. We must learn from mistakes and allow wisdom earned by them to propel us further. 

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed!  ~ Dawn L Klauman

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