Don’t Look Back: Seize the Day

We all can look back over our lives, over the past years, even the past days and find something we wish were different. We can always find something to regret; something we wish we could change with a wondering in our hearts of how our lives would be different if the events which make up our past were slightly altered. We’ve all allowed our minds to wonder into this fantasy of how changing our past to affect our present life. We’ve allowed ourselves to travel down the different paths of what-if only to come to a screeching halt of realization. WE CAN NOT CHANGE THE PAST.

No matter how many times you look at it hoping and wishing it would have been different; every time you see it the same thing is presented to you. So what do you do with your past? After you’ve taken your final look at that which has caused so much regret; glean what you can of the lesson learned by forgiving those thing that need to be forgiven, letting go and turning away from those things that need to be changed, turning your yesterdays, today, and tomorrows over to God, and decide not to look back on it again. We end up waiting so much of our todays looking on yesterday with regret or worry about how it will impact our futures that we lose focus on our today.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities to do life differently by focusing on what has been. Seize the day. Focus on the present and trust God to bring about some good of the messes of your past.

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