Preparation to Possess the Promise

Joshua 5:12 (GW)The day after that, the manna stopped. The people of Israel never had manna again. That year they began to eat the crops that grew in Canaan.

After the Children of Israel were led by Joshua across the Jordan River they circumcised the children of Israel because the generation which crossed over had not been circumcised symbolizing a making of covenant with God for that generation. Their fathers who’d been delivered from Egypt and were part of the original circumcision died in the wilderness because of disobedience. They also celebrated Passover symbolizing the fact the Lord spared that generation from the curse of their forefathers who died in the wilderness because of their disobedience.

The day after celebrating Passover they ate of the stores they had; all the old bread and scorched corn. I look at this as a coming to the end of an old paradigm; an end of reliance on the old ways; the old supply. It represents stepping into the now of God for your life in preparation for the next phase of victory.

The second day after celebrating Passover the Lord once again provided manna. Manna represents God’s provision which was there to build your confidence in the fact God can and will care for you and be with you as you walk obediently in covenant with Him. The time of receiving manna prepares your heart and mind for the next place to come where you will have to utilize that lifestyle of obedience and that confidence in your covenant God as He leads you into the place of promise for your life.

On the third day after celebrating Passover the manna stopped forever and the people began to eat of the crops that grew in Canaan. There is a time between manna and possessing the promise in which God will develop your appetite for the promise. He will allow you to experience the promise so you will grow a hunger to possess it. He will allow you to work the land and enjoy the fruit of your labor so that you will know that it is He who prospers your hand and causes you to increase in that which He has promised. The children of Israel had an entire year of this to develop their faith and confidence in the fact that God will prosper them in this new land and that they will reap the reward of their labor to come.

This year was in fact preparation for a coming time of war. It helped them to know the war was not be won on their own ability; it was to be won based on the lessons they’d learned in the wilderness as well as this year in Canaan. The time of preparation develops a mindset to know just as the Children of Israel: God is with us, God will keep us, God will cause us to be victorious in possessing the Promised land, God will cause you to be able to enjoy the fruit of this land He has promised us. It develops an appetite to possess the promise and builds them up faith concerning God’s ability to see you through to possessing the promise.

the battle to possess the promise is at hand and you will be victorious

Allow your faith to be build up during your season of preparation because the battle to possess the promise is at hand and you will be victorious. God is with you. God will keep you. God will cause you to be victorious in possessing your promised land. God will cause you to be able to enjoy the promise He has given you.

Be Strengthened – Be Encouraged – Be Blessed! ~ Dawn L Klauman

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