Overcoming Power

Don’t allow negative situations to silence your testimony. Rather, view them as a platform catapulting you to the next level of faith and fortifying your witness with strength which can only be gained by experiencing the Power of God necessary to overcome them. In Love – Dawn

As Yourself

The Bible teaches to love your neighbor as yourself. Many take that and say, you can’t love others until you love yourself and spend their entire lives trying to attain a perfect self-love relationship never coming to the point of being able to focus their hearts towards others. They erroneously believe they must develop a…Read more »

gσ∂’ѕ gσт уσυ

Although we’ve got grand visions and goals we are striving to manifest it is sometimes necessary to slowdown breathe quietly remembering today is really all we have. Take it one day at a time trusting God has got it all in his hand. If you continue in him you will get to that desired end.…Read more »

Be Encouraged

Be encouraged: God wants the best for you. He wants you to live a life that is full abundant and overflowing. He wants you to be the best you in every situation or circumstance, in every area of your life. He has even provided for you the way, ability, and strength to be so. Trust…Read more »

Accounting for the wind

We often find our sense of purpose, our value and worth our happiness in what we feel we’ve accomplished for the Kingdom of God. It is human nature to keep score, but in doing so we sort of are “counting the wind”. We take a since of pride in having done something for God and…Read more »